6 Responses to “My website”

  1. Colleen Armstrong Says:

    Hey this is your neice – I sincerely hope this is the Gord Leverton I hope it is! I am at work presently and thought I’d hop on and take a look at your stuff. Better late than never. Hope all is well and talk soon!

  2. Bonnie Graham Says:

    Hi Gordon, i was in Bayfield yesterday, love your art.
    Check out Hahnross Gallery, on Canyon RD in Santa Fe, artist
    Margaret Nes.
    Your art is much the same. I visited there in 2000, fell in love with her work,
    her art sells for $4000 up. FYI
    Great work!

  3. Hi, Gordon,
    Enjoyed stopping by to see your great art–you just get better! Beautiful. . .
    Also to let you know the change in my blog, listed in your Blog Roll. The new URL is http://www.trawlersntugs.com, and now called “Trawlers and Tugs”.
    Thank you, Carol

  4. Ken Roberts Says:

    Jo-Anne loved the pastel. In fact, it was a huge hit. Thank you. I hope we meet at a party at David’s – or someplace. I am sure that Jo-Anne would like to tell you, personally, just how much she lives the piece.

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