Biography of Gordon Leverton

Gordon Leverton’s love of urban decay takes him mainly to the industrial north and east end of his home city, Hamilton, Ontario. A self-taught artist, Gordon’s previous incarnations – as picture framer, writer, retailer and entrepreneur – have helped form his art direction; that of urban decay and architectural design. Born in Chatham, Ontario, his formative years spent in the rural southwest farm belt gives him a unique perspective on the body of this work.

Gordon is a member of several guilds and artist groups including: The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton Artists Inc.,  Riverdale Artists’ Network, and is an elected member of The Society of Canadian Artists. His artwork has shown in the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Todmorden Mills Museum in Toronto, Montreal’s Ogilvy Hall and the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery. Many various private and corporate collections are home to his work, including the City of Toronto fine art collection in St. Lawrence Market.

Gordon holds first place awards in the Junction Juried Art Exhibition and the Riverdale Art Walk in Toronto.  In 2009 his artwork appeared in The Globe and Mail newspaper (on two occasions) and The Hamilton Spectator. He makes his home in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Nancy and two children.


4 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Hi, why is there no link in this blog available to view your artwork? 😦

  2. leverton Says:

    I’d like to say it was just a crafty plan to create demand for my art, but it was just an oversight.

    Here is the url –

    I’ll install a link to my site shortly.


  3. John Says:

    Hello. Sorry I couldn’t find another way to contact you on your blog so I had to use this comment field. The reason I’m writing is because I work for an online art magazine focused on drawing and painting and we would like to publish one of your pieces in our May issue. Can you get back to me at at your earliest convenience and let me know if you’re interested.


  4. icelandpenny Says:

    Hi Gord, and thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I’m really honoured! I shared your interest in urban decay, and the lines and textures it offers to us

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