Revamped blog!

January 19, 2009

Hi all,

after some time away, I have truly figured out what this blog needs and that is more of me (well at least my presence, more often). so to ensure that i’m around more often, i’ve taken to listing my available works with prices, dimensions, etc, as well as where they can be purchased. this is intended to be a quick ‘n’ easy companion to my website – – plus it will show those galleries that i’m really really tech-savvy and serious about my career.

as always, i’m willing to listen to your advice, however i can’t promise anything beyond that….



3 Responses to “Revamped blog!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    get postin’! I’d love to see what you are working on without having to go to your website!

    Miss hearing about all your snow this year! Although I don’t like it as much here this year… since my snowblower broke and the temps are too low to play outside much.


    • leverton Says:

      hi nicole!

      yeah, we have tons of snow this year. (for those who don’t get snow, did you know there are different types: packing snow, fluffy snow…) sorry to hear that your snow blower broke but i thought you loved shoveling?

      i’ll get working on a post now.


  2. I do like to shovel but not that heavy, wet or icy c&^P the snow plow deposits at the end of the driveway… I usually save that for the snow blower!

    Looking forward to an update!

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