November art shows

November 21, 2007

the last two weeks have been hectic! the AGH art sale last week was a success and i was fortunate to make new friends and see some past clients. i spent hallowe’en carrying around a flu bug, and we couldn’t find the kids’ costumes until the very last minute (now THAT’S stress!). but i’m sitting comfortably in the “trough” of activity, with the AGH sale behind me and TWO openings this coming weekend…

first, i’m very excited to be coming back to Mixed Media, the site of my first showing. the opening happens this friday, nov. 9, 2007 at 174 james street north in hamilton. thanks to dave and theresa for taking me on at the last minute (whew). if you haven’t been to mixed media before, it’s an art supply/bookstore/clothing store – well, let’s just call it a “lifestyle store” – focusing very much on eco-friendly, renewable, artsy fartsy stuff. it’s probably my favourite place to purchase consumer goods in the city. my show runs til dec.1.

this saturday sees the opening of the show “Drawing”, at the Glenhyrst Gallery of Brant in Brantford, Ontario (home to Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Graham Bell, Phil Hartman and Lawren Harris). the gallery is located in an historical homestead on a huge lot and is worth the visit itself. this show runs until dec. 20th.


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