too long away!

October 17, 2007

okay if i’m going to do this blog thing then it really has to be semi-regular, not semi-annual, agreed? and while i’m at it… i should call my mother more often.


the Junction festival in August went well – the weather cooperated for the most part and there was a ton of foot traffic. Ivan, Dragna and Joey Martinovic hosted one of the juried show sites at the brand new Urbanscape gallery. I owe a large thanks to them for their energy and hospitality, especially during the art fair on Saturday and Sunday and wish them the best of luck.

the Junction area of Toronto reminds me of Hamilton in many ways, with a good mix of old architecture and new development. the neighbourhood on Dundas West is very active in preserving the rich building heritage and are fiercely proud of the area.


besides the many visual artists, craftspeople and vendors, there was a large contingent of performance artists – street performers, singers, dancers and live music. i was lucky to be situated beside my favourites, the violin-playing music-box dancers.



i was joined by fellow-artists Kate Higgins of Toronto and Maria Whiteman from Hamilton at the Urbanscape show. Kate has traveled and studied in Italy, where she photographed the dramatic streetscapes, then combined these photos with hanging garments in a cohesive theme. Maria is a photographer as well; producing large double-exposed factory/nature scenes.




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