Got the flyer for the Society of Canadian Artists 40th Annual National Open Juried Exhibition today and thought I should do my part and post it up – enjoy! If you’ve never been to Montreal —- GO!!!



Grand Bend revisited

August 6, 2007

Though I didn’t get much artwork done during my vacation (well 2 actually which isn’t that bad), I did meet some interesting artists and visited some wonderful galleries.

First up, Lovart Gallery in downtown Forest, Ontario is owned by Maria Kastellitz, whose partner Tom Ackermann turns out to be a world-reknowned artist. Forest is a small town and I had no expectations to see art of this calibre! I spoke at length with the artist about his techniques, influences and life in general and he even took me on a tour of his studio. Tom is a  disciple of the “action painters” like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, so-called because of their fierce physical painting style and relationship with the canvas. Check out Tom’s artwork at

On the way to the beach, I happened across an artists’ co-op named River Road Gallery. Some co-ops can be quite low grade and so I really had no expectations good or bad. But was I impressed at the quality of work! The gallery is home to seven artists, all from the Grand Bend-London area, and being a pastellist myself, I was most drawn to the work of Barry Richman. His pastels were breathtaking and very reasonably priced – if you’re in the area, look for the lighthouse and you’ll find the River Road Gallery.