Ahhh, vacation…

July 18, 2007

It’s summer time and the living is easy, to steal a well-known song lyric. I find myself with my family in Grand Bend, Ontario – a beach resort town on the eastern shoreline of Lake Huron. I haven’t been here in years, probably not since i was a teenager. Now that i’m almost 40, the perspective has changed quite a bit – the “strip” as they call the main street to the beach, used to captivate my eye; now i see the superficiality, the cheap goods, the bored-looking teenage staffers. My artist’s eye looks deeper, through the veneer – i see the closed stores with “for rent” signs, the run-down cottages off the drag, the ubiquitous sea gulls fighting for scraps of junk food. And yet, year after year, no matter the age, we find ourselves attracted to this place, or places like it – let’s face it, there’s no better place to people-watch.

Last week’s show in Guelph (Art on the Street), was basically rained out. Too bad, as there was a great crowd – not just in terms of numbers but a well-educated, art-savvy group. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and met some wonderful artists, many of whom displayed at the TOAE the previous week.  Special mention goes to Mary Karavos, a wonderfully talented artist who works in paper collage. Her artwork really has to be seen in person to be believed – she attains a high degree of representation using only Japanese papers and NO PAINT. Though her figure work is outstanding, and reminiscent of one of my fave artists (Mary Cassatt), I was really drawn to the abstracts.


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