Resisting artist’s block for make benefit of money.

November 16, 2006

I knew it would happen. I’ve  been working my real job more than usual, burning the midnight oil so to speak. So now i’ve started two big paintings that i’m less than thrilled with and i’m very tempted to shred them up and make a collage (hey…..). So here i am, sapped of creative energy, feeling a little doubtful about my abilities and if that weren’t bad enough, i got a speeding ticket the other day (nolan had to go toilet).

Went to the Toronto International Art Show last monday and futilely dropped off some business cards. At one booth i approached the gentleman and asked “can i leave you my card?” and his reply was “what for?”. Indeed. I think i had been thinking that already but he put a voice to that random thought in my mind. What was i doing? I should think it’s pretty nervy of me to assume that some of the biggest galleries in the world are going to even look at my card, least of all when they’re already trying to push the “product” they have at the fair. But as i left the booth i looked back at him and he was looking at my card….


On the brighter side, “Sundown at Leander” recently sold at Mixed Media. I really have to thank Dave and Theresa for believing in my vision – it’s truly easier to “sell” something when you’re behind it.




One Response to “Resisting artist’s block for make benefit of money.”

  1. Megan Wolfe Says:

    Hey, congrats on the sale! That’s excellent news. Your hard work with the business cards will pay off eventually also; be stubborn and keep it up!

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