A busy week!

November 8, 2006

It’s shaped up to be a very busy week in the life of “Gordon Leverton: Artist” ™. Last Tuesday I was contacted (after some prodding) by Graham at the McMaster University Faculty Centre about doing a solo exhibition next autumn. Now I meet with the man this coming Friday to nail down dates and details – I’ll make sure to update (promise).

Last week I learned that one of my drawings, Cemetery, NYC had been accepted into Arts Etobicoke’s 26th annual open juried competition in Toronto. Entitled “Made to Measure”, the show highlights the opening of their new streetfront gallery with framed 20″ x 20″ pieces. Check out their new shop on Dundas Street West, between Burnhamthorpe and Islington in Etobicoke.

Of course, no art week would be complete without an update from my sisters at Fine Line Artists – today I sent out two works, Hatt Street Arena, study and A Hole in the Wall to my friend and fellow artist Nicole Caulfield in Keene, New Hampshire for Fine Line’s annual NH show at Brewbakers Cafe. Is that enough links in one paragraph?

And finally, my guy Dave at Mixed Media, called today and told me I had sold another painting (ergo, more art supplies!) – Morning Fix having found itself into the collection of some utterly tasteful soul (thank-you!).

Morning Fix

That’s enough gloating for one post – hey, I’ve had countless weeks of “am i good?”, “what am i doing?!” , “i suck”, “this drawing belongs in the &#@(! trash” – so a little victory dance couldn’t possibly hurt.

Could it?

– gord


3 Responses to “A busy week!”

  1. Dance away, Gord, you deserve it!

  2. Congratulations Gordon! Your work is so good, I’m glad you are getting what you deserve!

    I’m so looking forward to receiving your work in the mail!

  3. Gayle Mason Says:

    Wish I’d had a week like yours Gord, you deserve all your success.

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