Why am I writing this post at 3:30 in the morning?

November 3, 2006

Too much coffee, man. At least that’s what I think, or maybe it’s just pressure that I’m putting on myself to sleep. I’m not normally an insomniac and indeed I did get some sleep earlier tonight – I think my body clock is used to getting up and changing diapers by now.

I’ve joined Hamilton Artists Inc. , an artists co-op that’s been around since forever. I need to get out and “network” as they say in the business world – how does an artist find time to work on art with all of these commitments!? Well, it will be good for me to meet some like-minded people and I’ll get the chance today (Friday) at the general meeting.

My latest piece will be gracing the walls of their gallery:


It’s called “Estimates” and it’s a sweet little sign that graces one of the Hamilton downtown streets (honestly, you don’t get this stuff in the ‘burbs, folks!). I have to say that I’m Almost Revoltingly Pleased with Myself on this baby, so I want nothing but accolades and laurels!

Lazy Gord ™ has to get his ass to the post-office and mail off to wee paintings, “A Hole In the Wall” and “Hatt Street Arena, study” to Nicole Caulfield in New Hampshire. She is curator and organizer of the Fine Line Aritists annual NH show at Brewbaker’s Cafe in Keene. It all sounds so wonderfully urbane, doesn’t it?

A Hole in the Wall A Hole In the Wall, 2006 Gord Leverton

Hatt Street Arena, study Hatt Street Arena, study, 2006 Gord Leverton

I’ll leave off with pics of my kids, cos…. well they’re my kids


Oy! now it’s time for bed!


4 Responses to “Why am I writing this post at 3:30 in the morning?”

  1. Katherine Says:

    She’s looking more and more like a mini-son! And of course I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be getting used to pinky frillies in future so much as she’s the spit of her big bruv.

    Great looking pics as well – but then you know that! 😉

  2. leverton Says:

    You just know that i was writing in the middle of the night, as the “grammar king” rarely makes a typo!

    Thanks for the flattery, Katherine – do you take Paypal?


  3. “Revoltingly pleased with myself” and so you should be, that one really appeals to me. Made me smile, must be nostalgia or something for the good old days. Well done Gord!!

    Good looking kids Dad!!


  4. leverton Says:

    thanks Sharron – the kids must take after their mother…. i love old signs too, especially “ghost signs”, the faded, painted signs on the sides of buildings


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