October 20, 2006

Labyrinth  (c) 2006 Gordon Leverton

This painting comes from a idea I had while visiting an old mansion in Toronto – the upstairs was an amazing labyrinth of beams, old staircases and piles of bricks. What a great place for a kid to play hide-and-seek (or anything else for that matter).


5 Responses to “Labyrinth”

  1. bachmanart Says:

    Hiya Gord! Nice to see another WCer at WordPress instead of the “other” place. Old mansions appeal to us “old kids” too!
    Lisa B.

  2. Hi Gord, was lurking WC and saw your request about your “underwhelming blog” and had to stop by and say Hi, from another WC’r with an “underwhelming blog”, who has had her’s a lot longer.LOL love the template here, had a look at your website too. I really like your work!! Also congrads on the wonderful new addition to your family!!
    Cheers, Shez

  3. leverton Says:

    hi Sharron,

    for the benefit of those not in-the-know, WC stands for Wet Canvas, or, a very useful site for artist types to hang out…

    but Sharron, you forgot to leave the URL for your underwhelming blog!!! please come back and post it – surely you have more than my paultry 176 hits?!


  4. Gord, I did put the URL in where it says Website, and when I click on my name in the comments it goes to my blog. However, here it is just in case. Thanks for taking the time!!! (I’ve got to run and do a bit of clean up before you pop by… you know!!!) LOL

  5. jafabrit Says:

    hiay gord, congrats on the new addition to your family, what a little doll she is.

    I agree about labrynth but not just for kids 🙂 no wonder you were inspired to paint it.

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