New Prismas and Vinyl Addiction….

September 5, 2006

For the last several months, I’ve been teased and tantalized by artists who had gotten freebie sets of the new prismas. Impatient me, had to make a special trip to Above Ground in Toronto to get them for myself and see what they’re all about.

I have to admit, a year ago I would have been much more excited about new colours. I was, well let’s just say I had an obsession with adding as many different kinds and colours of coloured pencil as I could lay my hands on (sound familiar to any of you artists?).  But now that I’m working with a much more limited palette of colours (12-15), I probably could have just let the urge slide… but what is it about new colours that is so attactive to me, even if I never use them?!

I think it must be a feeling of not wanting to be “left out of the loop”. My ego simply could not take “not knowing” about these new colours, even if I spent twice as much money on gasoline and parking to get them than the actual pencils cost.

For years I was obsessed with collecting records (LP records, kiddies), those beautiful, artistic, cardboard sleeves with the twelve inch polyvinyl chloride discs inside. Oh what a joy it was to walk into my local record store and find that they had the first Nirvana album, or the Change of Heart record that I could NOT find anywhere! Well, such finds would only have to be rewarded with a further binge of record buying. For pure, unfettered pleasure, there was nothing like dragging my future-wife into a musty old flea market and perusing over thousands of old albums, being rewarded with a stack of old Parliament, Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield gems and a wicked allergy attack from the years of accumulated mould that came flying up with each flip.

So now, technology has taken the fun out of what was once a weekly ritual. The convenience of MP3s and the helter-skelter existance of what is my daily life supercedes my vinyl addiction – but I still find it hard to pass up a garage sale.


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