For the last several months, I’ve been teased and tantalized by artists who had gotten freebie sets of the new prismas. Impatient me, had to make a special trip to Above Ground in Toronto to get them for myself and see what they’re all about.

I have to admit, a year ago I would have been much more excited about new colours. I was, well let’s just say I had an obsession with adding as many different kinds and colours of coloured pencil as I could lay my hands on (sound familiar to any of you artists?).¬† But now that I’m working with a much more limited palette of colours (12-15), I probably could have just let the urge slide… but what is it about new colours that is so attactive to me, even if I never use them?!

I think it must be a feeling of not wanting to be “left out of the loop”. My ego simply could not take “not knowing” about these new colours, even if I spent twice as much money on gasoline and parking to get them than the actual pencils cost.

For years I was obsessed with collecting records (LP records, kiddies), those beautiful, artistic, cardboard sleeves with the twelve inch polyvinyl chloride discs inside. Oh what a joy it was to walk into my local record store and find that they had the first Nirvana album, or the Change of Heart record that I could NOT find anywhere! Well, such finds would only have to be rewarded with a further binge of record buying. For pure, unfettered pleasure, there was nothing like dragging my future-wife into a musty old flea market and perusing over thousands of old albums, being rewarded with a stack of old Parliament, Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield gems and a wicked allergy attack from the years of accumulated mould that came flying up with each flip.

So now, technology has taken the fun out of what was once a weekly ritual. The convenience of MP3s and the helter-skelter existance of what is my daily life supercedes my vinyl addiction – but I still find it hard to pass up a garage sale.


another show booked

September 4, 2006

Just confirmed! I will have a solo art exhibition at Manhattan’s Jazz Cafe in Guelph, Ontario, sometime in the spring of 2007 – i’ll post the latest info as i get it, but you can scope out the fine-looking website at –


Dame Maggie Stiefvater has just received 1st and 3rd place in the drawing category at the Uniquely Fredericksburg exhibition in Fredericksbury, Virginia…. also in the future, a Las Vegas gallery beckons…. her always entertaining blog can be found at

Welcome to my world of art. My name is Gord Leverton and I reside in Hamilton, ontario, canada

¬†mainly i work with pastel and coloured pencil but have whole boxes of other media to mess around with – here’s my website if you would like to see what i’m up to….